Franz Chmel belongs to a small select group of professional musicians who successfully play classical music on the harmonica.

Chmel is the modern day revolutionary of the classical harmonica.

Breaking with conventional methods concerning the production of  tone and vibrato, plus the instrument's technical limitations, he developed a playing technique which allows him to play the most difficult pieces with a facility and lightness harmonica experts  previously thought impossible.

This is not only because of his early inborn talent, but is the result of decades of hard work and experience.

Franz Chmel would like to call upon you to listen seriously to his work. You will realize, that while the harmonica is regarded as the most common of lay instruments, in the hands of Franz Chmel, it finds its rightful place in the mainstream of classical music.

classic harmonica

Translated by the great British jazz drummer & close friend,
Ken Harrison,  now resident in Sydney
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